Octopus Marmoratus

Aboard the H.M.S. Challenger Expedition of 1882 to 1888 Dr. William E. Hoyle illustrated this amazing Octopus Marmoratus. It was published as a stone lithograph with black ink on a cream paper. CFA Editions scanned the original antique print and made up this great standard poster size giclee of his study. It is printed on acid free cotton rag paper with archival ink that has a light-fastness of over 160 years (meaning it will not fade for a long long...long time.). A few others have made reproductions of Hoyle's illustrations but this is the best print you will find. The image has close ups so you can study the dots of the stone lithography. I once had a person not like the dots and thought it to be pixelation but that is not the case so I added many photos for you to study. It is one of the best octopus images I have ever seen and it is blue which is very popular right now. It is ready to go into a frame made for a 24x36 inch print so it does not get easier than that :)