About us

It can be hard to buy art online and really anything now a days. Many products are made in far away countries and with new technology many social media platforms send targeted ads to sell us cheap products. They look amazing on our screen only to disappoint when you receive them. The companies selling the products are slick and you do not really know who you are buying from.  I want Decorate Great to be different and give you the best quality products at a fair price. 

My name is Matt Culberson and I am the owner of Decorate Great.  I grew up in the art and antiques business learning style from my parents and by working with some of the top designers in the country. I have set up at Art and Antique shows across the country for about 2 decades(starting to feel old with that revelation). It is my desire to sell the products produced by my family on this site but also the products made by the many friends I have picked up over the years. Decorating great with great decor made by great people across the United States is the idea.

I believe it is good to have a beautiful home and that looks different for every person. Some people like the things I like and some will not and that is great. If everyone were the same life would be boring. For those who have taste similar to mine know that here you can Decorate Great.

If you have a question or want additional information on a product you can call my personal cell phone at area code 404 which is an Atlanta Area Code followed by 576 then the last four numbers are 3521. I only put my number on the site in such an odd way to reduce spam callers...Lord I hope that works.