Alexander Pope Jr. Llewellin Setter Dog Antique Print in Antique Frame

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Very rare antique print from American work on dogs, with chromolithographed image after Alexander Pope, Jr. This original 140 year old print was published in Celebrated Dogs of America, 1879. The frame is also on antique circa 1890. The mats are new and are archival with the top mat of linen. The print is mounded or "tipped in" to the original backing paper. This means that when the book was published the image was glued at the top corners onto the backing paper. The mat is just a little larger than the print so as to show this. The quarter sawn oak frame has an original gold liner. This is old and will have some imperfections which are small and we think makes it look perfect. This is a one of a kind treasure sure to look good on your wall. Image with text is from the book but I do not have the original text page (I added it in the images for those who get joy out of additional history).
overall size is 26.5 inches wide and 22.5 inches tall.